Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN, Jtorcher started DJing at the age of 13 during a family barbecue and spent the next 5 years experimenting and developing his craft using any type of equipment he could get his hands on. He eventually was able to purchase his own equipment consisting of 2 turntables and a mixer and would later meet DJ LP, a local DJ who he met at a skating rink while LP was spinning.

Asking DJ LP how to do the “tricks” he was doing on the turntables, LP would become his mentor giving him different tips that he would go home and try to duplicate on his own. LP also introduced him to a local promoter, Isaac “Lucky” Smith. Smith, an entrepreneur and known promoter for No Limit Records, Swisha House, Twista and more helped him launch his career and would become his business partner not too long after.

A 2011 recipient of the distinguished Midwest Legends Award was a result of all his hard work and networking with artists and entrepreneurs in the music business across the Midwest. He has been booked a little bit of everywhere from house and college parties, graduations, weddings, in clubs, at music conferences and networking events and even small concerts, becoming the resident DJ for two years at the DJs United Conference held in Indianapolis along with the conference’s afterparties.

DJ Jtorcher mixes all genres of music including Top 40, Dance, EDM, Rap, R&B, Country, Reggae and Latin. Being well versed in his music selection and with a resume to back it up, the former Midwest Assassin has become international, DJing on various cruise ships that tour all over the world, including countries in the Caribbean, Bermuda, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and more.

DJ Jtorcher also releases mixtapes regularly, specializing in various R&B mixtape series that still sell out as physical CDs (Yes, CDs) in records stores today. Taking on the new moniker of R&B Mixtape King, DJ Jtorcher has no plans of slowing down any time soon stating, “I wake up every day with the plan on continuing to grow the legacy I’ve worked so hard to create.”